Trust a Reliable Partner for your

Supply Chain

Legacy Medical Sales, along with our strategic partners in sourcing, supply chain and manufacturing, have obtained over 30 billion dollars in goods from all across the globe. Our team goes the extra mile to vet potential  vendors. With onsite inspections of factories, manufacturing processes, Quality control and distribution centers. With  strict criteria based on ISO,FDA, CE, and other quality standards including: CDC, NIOSH, AAMI, AANSI and ASTM. 

Based on rapidly changing market demand and trends, We built a network of distribution centers all across America.  To ensure stocked items are readily available for customers to keep a consistent supply chain and to have quicker  shipping times. We are confident not only in the quality of our products but in our commitment to serve our clients and  our ability to supply the products you need when you need them.  

Suppliers & Partners 

Legacy Medical Sales is committed to aggregating certified and sustainable medical supplies manufactured with  the highest levels of Quality. Legacy Medical Sales llc, has long-standing partnerships with highly rated, credible North American as well as overseas manufacturers and suppliers. Our manufactures and distribution  partners have been verified for their capability to deliver quality medical supplies.  

These include:

Manufacturers who are fully compliant with respective local and client market regulations. Community groups with certified products and capability to cater to sudden demand. Globally trusted express shipping, warehousing and logistical services providers. 


Our products conform to the basic health and safety requirements (BHSRs), covering design principles such as ergonomics, design strength, and information supplied by the manufacturer. 

  • FDA 
  • CDC, NIOSH, AAMI, ASTM, AANSI certified 
  • CE certified 
  • ISO 9001 

Solutions Designed for your Facility  

We will work with you to design and implement solutions that best fit the needs of your facility. To help you reduce  cost and waste to optimize your supply chain