Vinyl Disposable Gloves Can Handle More Jobs Than You Might Think

AMMEX Clear Vinyl Exam Gloves (VPF): An excellent value for healthcare professionals, home users, and tasks that require frequent glove changes. Dependable lightweight, latex-free barrier protection against pathogens and contaminants.

Healthcare needs, and more

Vinyl exam gloves are an excellent value for healthcare pros and home-care users alike, and perform admirably in countless non-medical uses. They provide dependable lightweight, latex-free barrier protection against pathogens and contaminants, as well as most cleaning solutions and common chemicals.

AMMEX is offering excellent pricing right now on vinyl gloves. These gloves are ready to ship today,

1AMMEX Stretch Synthetic Blue Vinyl Exam Gloves (VSBPF): Durable, form-fitting, flexible exam gloves that can help reduce hand strain and fatigue while also providing a high degree of tactile sensitivity. Dependable barrier protection against pathogens.
2AMMEX Stretch Synthetic Clear Vinyl Exam Gloves (VSPF): Great performers in non-sterile medical applications. Latex-free, yet durable and form-fitting, with extra flexibility to reduce hand fatigue. Reliable barrier protection for healthcare tasks.