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Legacy Medical Sales is the leading supplier of Thermometers for medical use in the United States. We provide a variety of thermometers, including oral, rectal, and nasal, to hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities. Our thermometers are specifically designed for medical use and are accurate and reliable. We offer a variety of Thermometer options, including disposable and reusable.

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  • NexTemp Oral / Axillary

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  • McKesson Oral Thermometer Sheath

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  • McKesson LUMEON Tympanic Thermometer Probe Cover

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  • McKesson LUMEON Tympanic Ear Thermometer

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  • McKesson LUMEON Digital Stick Thermometer, Oral, Rectal, Axillary

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  • McKesson Digital Oral Thermometer

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  • HealthSmart Ear Thermometer Probe Cover

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  • Geratherm Oral Thermometer

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  • ADC AdTemp 427 TempleTouch Digital Temporal Thermometer

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