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McKesson Thera Dimethicone Body Shield



Nourishes, moisturizes and provides mild skin protection against irritation from dry, chapped or wet, cracked (but not broken) skinExcellent for long-term use as a moisturizer on sensitive skinDesigned for use as a long-lasting daily body moisturizer for people with varying degrees of dry skinFormulated with Dimethicone (5%) to help normalize the skin and effectively prevent transepidermal water loss by forming a hydrating barrierDesigned with amino acid blend with compounds less than 500 Daltons in size to effectively penetrate through all layers of the skinHelps protect the skin against damage related to dehydrationSuitable for treating the effects of diaper rash and other incontinence-associated dermatitis.Suggested use with Moisturizing Body Cleanser or THERA Foaming BodyFor single patient use


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Weight 0.29 lbs
Dimensions 2.4 × 1.4 × 6.5 in



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